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Newborn Photography Pricing & Preparation

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Your first breath took ours away !!!

‘’Newborn is a very specialised photography style that captures the beauty of your child’s earliest stage of development. With our portable studio set up, these images can be created in the comfort of your own home.’’


Ideally newborn’s are photographed from 5-7 days old when they are very sleepy and still have that lovely newborn curl. Up to 10 days old is still great. After this 10 day mark has passed, your little one will start to move and stretch much more and may need to be swaddled for most shots, Some results are still achievable after the 10 days but no poses can be guaranteed. 14 days old is the maximum age for all newborn photography. One other aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when booking the shoot is your due date. This is a key date to getting the best results for us both. If you go overdue, then each overdue day needs to be counted as 1/2 a day in your little ones development because they are still growing during this period also. After the 14 days, they have entered a different phase of infancy. I would advise anybody looking to capture these memorable images, that they should make the booking before the baby arrives. This will assure that you are fully organised and ready for me to call to your house at this special time. I usually schedule the shoot around 7 days after your due date. This is the only way that I can guarantee availability. If your little bundle of joy decides to arrive sooner or later then we can adjust your appointment. Its safer that I am aware that a shoot is coming up.


My session’s usually take 3 hours but can take up to 4 hours from time to time. Ideally it is best to have the baby sleeping the entire time, but not to worry as there is also way’s I can work around this if they aren't completely sleepy yet. ‘’A quick tip is to try and have the baby awake for an extended period of time before I arrive to ensure they are good and sleepy’’ Also not to worry if your not feeling 100% as i will work with your little one, posing, soothing, cuddling to sleep etc. You can take this time to kick back and have that well deserved rest. Newborn sessions are mainly focused on the baby but Mom and Dad are more than welcome to get in a few snaps also, however these are usually just close ups and also a few ‘‘relationship’’ type images of the little one in your arms. If it is shots with siblings that you are looking for, then the start of the session is the best time to capture these images. I will place the newborn in ways that ensure protection from over eager brothers and sisters. I would always recommend to have a little extra help on hand to ensure you and your little ones comfort during the session and also to bring the other siblings away during the shoot when we are concentrating on your newest addition. For family portraits with multiple kid’s, it is best to wait until your youngest one is at least 6 months old, when they are sitting unassisted and filled with a bit more personality. It also helps if your house if kept warm and cosy for the duration of the shoot. For the best results, it good that i arrive to a baby who has a full belly - although there's always time for a top up. I would advise to feed about 30 minutes before the shoot is scheduled to start. If you are bottle feeding then have plenty of extra milk ready also. (For ladies who are breast feeding then this shouldn’t be an issue and you will be given plenty of privacy to feed in your own time). Please dress them in a simple baby grow so that i don’t disturb them too much while we prepare them for their shoot. It is also a good idea to have a soother for settling.


Every shoot will include its own unique styling, blankets,hats and props throughout. And although we have all of the equipment necessary to capture beautiful portraits of your baby, parent’s will often receive some gifts that could add to the shoot and create some great variety with personal touches. Some examples include Blankets, Teddy’s, Hats and some people have amazing stuff lying around their house which can be transformed from an everyday item to a mind blowing prop to lift your shoot to a different level of creativity. We might not use them but It still might be nice to have them ready just incase.


All our poses are done correctly with safety as the main priority. Some of the photos you see are ‘‘composites’’ (made up of two or more images combined in photoshop later) this is so the baby is completely safe and their head can be supported by a parent at all times. As every baby has their own likes and dislikes. This means each pose is not achievable with every baby. There is no way I can guarantee any of the poses which you might see displayed. I will never put a baby in a pose that is not comfortable for them or one they seem to struggle against. With every pose we are constantly checking your baby’s comfort level. However we are flexible, and photograph them how they are comfortable. I promise you that their comfort will produce a much better finished product.

Pricing & Packages

Newborn Photography Session Only - €250 

For this option, Trevor will come to your home and set up his studio, including lighting and backdrops (limited space needed for this). He’ll work with your little one throughout the session, posing, soothing, cuddling to sleep etc. Session’s usually take 3 hours but can take up to 4 hours from time to time and are priced at €250.

You will receive an online gallery of all the images taken, the gallery can be viewed across all personal devices.

*Please note with the Newborn Photography Session Only Package, the images provided are for viewing purposes only and are watermarked. Prints can be purchased through your online gallery and digital images are available for purchase by contacting us directly.

*For sessions outside of the Killarney area, mileage & additional time fees may apply.

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