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I don't only provide people with the opportunity to photograph in locations that they may choose. I also provide them with an opportunity to set up a portable professional photography studio in the comfort of their own home,business,factory or any other area that they see fit. This allows me the versatility to photograph anything from business portraits and product photography to family portraits and newborn photography. 

''I like to think of myself as a one stop photography shop''


Wedding Photography

A Picture Can Tell 1000 Words !!!

Every photographer knows that there is no better quote to describe what we do. I also realise that with every couple those words are different and this makes each couples pictures special and unique! My aim on your wedding day, is not only to capture those magical moments that you will share together, but also to capture “the in between moments” be it a shared laugh, a tear shed, a secret look or a cheeky smile. My style of photography is very much fun based, I believe if couples are comfortable and enjoying all aspects of their day, it then shines through in their photographs.


Newborn Photography

Your First Breath... Took Our's Away !!!

Newborn is a very specialised photography style that captures the beauty of your child’s earliest stage of development. Usually between 5-10 days old. With my portable studio set up, these images can be created in the comfort of your own home, this helps minimise any stress related to bringing your newborn out into the world at only a few days old.


Family & Child Photography

Family Is Where Life Begins & Love Never Ends !!!

The word Family covers a broad variety of different photo combinations, but all families create memories together. The importance of family pictures and also pictures of your children cannot be taken for granted. It is usually when you have missed the opportunity that this becomes apparent. Why not get these portraits taken in the comfort of your own home with our portable photography studio, or maybe you would prefer to take advantage of one of Killarney’s many picturesque areas, for a shoot that is lot more than just a family portrait. Its a chance to create memories together.


Commercial Photography

Sales Go Up & Down... But Service Stays Forever !!!

With this ever growing digital and social media world. Online business portfolios are a must have for everybody, from big companies trying to conquer the market, to small sole trading business that either want to maintain or expand their current workflow. Let me work with you to grow your online presence with photographs that will capture the eye's of potential clients.


Landscape,Adventure & Fine Art Photography

Adventure Is Out There... Follow Your Dreams !!!

In my spare time I love nothing more than a bit of adventure. I especially love hiking,climbing and hill walking. This works hand in hand with my photography as I always like to have my camera gear nearby to seize the moment if any photo opportunity were to arise. On this website I have decided to share the images from my many adventures. If you see the same beauty that I saw when i snapped the shutter, then feel free to purchase an image and share in my adventure too.

Click here to view Trevor's Fine Art Gallery

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